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Business Consulting

Our expert team collaborates closely with clients to ensure end-to-end project implementation success. Leveraging our industry experience and expertise, we deliver projects on time and within budget. Our services include program management, business consulting, product management, and quality assurance, among others.

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Data Strategy

Aero-IC empowers businesses to leverage the full potential of their data, structured and unstructured, through comprehensive data management solutions. Our services encompass Data Engineering, Storage, Analysis, Data Science, and seamless Data Migration capabilities.

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Revenue Management

Our revenue optimization solutions manage and control revenue throughout the value stream, identifying opportunities to optimize both the top line and bottom line. We uncover potential revenue opportunities, enhancing overall financial performance.


Industries we have worked in 

Our Values

Our Value Add

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Prebuilt Analytics Models

We help businesses emphasize on optimizing efficiency and minimizing waste. Our solutions identify business critical KPIs and also help set pathways to achieve maximum potential enabled by integrated data and effective use of analytics, our solutions are able to reduce and recover loss


Comprehensive Airline Performance Models 

Our Airline Performance Models optimize performance in Network Planning, Revenue Management, Route Management, Sales, Inventory Management, Airport Operations, Customer Management, and more, enabling airlines to enhance their overall operations and decision-making processes.

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Digital Transformation

We understand digital - our end-to-end and deep dive business consulting help in managing a business using handheld devices to complex machine learning tools. We strive to deliver the best value proposition taking into consideration the entire ecosystem of the clients.

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Profit Optimiser 

Our Profit Optimizer solution boosts agency profits by aligning airlines with the right markets and points of sale. It provides strategic profit insights, guides ticketing agents, and ensures adherence to organizational requirements, driving increased profitability for agencies.

About Us


Unleashing Excellence: 

Started in 2016, with a vision to tackle the growing problems in the Travel industries, our team has made forays into multiple industries leaving  a very trusted imprint on our clients with our services.

We have provided our services to large full service carriers, low cost carriers and regional airlines. Our solutions are used by one of the oldest GDS and their customers in the middle east.


Our revenue management solution is used across industries to monitor, manage and  forecast revenues. We have provided deep dive digital consultation exercises increase production by 15-20% while also reducing the total cost of operations.


Our digital experience have helped  clients  seamlessly understand and predict customer behavior and needs.

We have also provided analytics platform to client that have now been plugged into one of the worlds leading  jewellery ERP.


Our team of consultants accumulate decades of experience across multiple industries. We leverage our network of partners to provide the best possible solutions to clients  and take pride in measuring success by results and not promises.


What Client's says about us?

I wish you good luck with taking Aero Innovation and Consulting to the next phase of its growth story. 


The proof of concept that Aero-IC completed using its BI product addresses all the key requirements for Management Information in the areas of Routes, Sales, Revenue Management, Planning, Distribution, and other operational areas in the airline.


Capabilities of Aero-IC’s BI product now cater to the MIS of full-service carriers with Distribution on multiple channels such as Global distribution systems, Online, ATO/CTO, and other services including codeshare and interline.


You have designed a very relevant and much-needed product in the industry.


I wish you my best in your future endeavor.

Panduka Weeraratne


Commercial Services & Support

Srilankan Airlines Ltd

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Address: #23 ,Sri Rama temple street, Ulsoor, Bangalore-560008.

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